So in the scene where you first see Tonegawa he’s yelling at all those homeless people calling them trash right

Did he do that like, on a daily basis

I’m pretty sure that was his stress relieving hobby at the time or something

In celebration of the one year anniversary and TV showing of the LA Kaiji 2 movie I decided to cosplay

The One, only, and best Fujiwara Tatsuya cosplayer

12000th post


tonegawa blew up the car

LAKaiji2 Screencap Dump

Includes Ichijou sitting on Tonegawa, kicking Tonegawa, stepping on Tonegawa. 101 photos why did I make so many

Here’s a zip folder so you don’t have to go saving every single one of them (the quality is better too)

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Well Kaiji seems to be enjoying Sakazaki’s hug

Well Kaiji seems to be enjoying Sakazaki’s hug


the first thing i thought when i woke up this morning was




  • ichijou/tonegawa for obvs reasons
  • murakami/the bog (when murakami would go to tinker w/ the bog he would actually turn it on and start listening to the voice, he didnt understand what it was saying bc he never went to hs but it sounded sexy … sort of like ichijou… he slips his hand down his…